Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Elizabeth Bishop's Paintings

“…How I wish I’d been a painter…that must really be the best profession – none of this fiddling around with words…” poet Elizabeth Bishop
Excerpt from Tibor de Nagi exhibit of Bishop's work, January 2012:
“One hundred years since her birth, and just over thirty years since her death, Bishop is now considered among the most important American poets of the Twentieth Century. Until now, the one facet of her life that has not been explored fully is the transformative role that the visual arts played in her creative output over her lifetime. Bishop made her own art, mostly in the form of intimate watercolors, gouaches, and drawings. She collected art during her years in Brazil, and was also given (and acquired) pieces by her family and closest artist friends. Like her poems, her own artworks possess an unpretentious earthiness combined with an acute eye for detail of everyday life. She made her art quietly, privately, and gave many of them away to friends over the years. The works in this exhibition were all in her collection at the time of her death.”

Exchanging Hats: Elizabeth Bishop Paintings” is a book edited by William Benton. 

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