Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tibor de Nagy Exhibit, 2011

In 2011 the Manhattan Tibor de Nagy Gallery mounted a widely popular exhibit of the collaboration among New York poets (John Ashbery, James Schuyler, Frank O'Hara, Kenneth Koch) and their friends Jane Freulicher, Larry Rivers, Fairfield Porter, and others. The exhibit catalog is in its second printing.

Excerpt: "The show features paintings by Helen Frankenthaler, Alfred Leslie, Trevor Winkfield, Nell Blaine, Joe Brainard, Grace Hartigan, Joan Mitchell, Jane Freilicher and Fairfield Porter; poetry collections published by the gallery’s imprint, Tibor de Nagy Editions, and featuring work by Frank O’Hara, Kenneth Koch, James Schuyler, John Ashbery, Barbara Guest and others, with illustrations by Tibor de Nagy artists; photographs and films by Rudy Burckhardt; letters, announcement cards and other ephemera; and archival photographs of leading cultural figures of the day by John Gruen and Fred McDarrah."

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