Monday, October 8, 2012

O'Hara and Bluhm Poem-Paintings

One rainy Sunday in October 1960, Frank O’Hara was visiting Norman Bluhm in his Manhattan studio when they collaborated on the poem-paintings on view in [the exhibit] New York Cool. Making a point about a Prokofiev sonata playing on the radio, Bluhm began painting on a sheet of paper in his distinctive style of overloaded brushstrokes exploding across the surface and releasing rivulets of excess paint, the leftover traces of physical and emotional exertion. O’Hara promptly responded by scribbling a few words on the same sheet. By the time they were finished, the two men had completed 27 collaborative works (of which 22 are in the NYU Art Collection). 
-From the NYU Grey Art Gallery website

Eight of the poem-paintings were published in lingo 7, accompanied by interviews with Bluhm: the first was conducted by John Yau in New York in 1996, and the second with Jon Gams at Bluhm's studio in Vermont, January 1997. Click here

Learn more about the artist Norman Bluhm in this video:

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