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Poems and Paintings by PA Artists Barbara Crooker and Claire Giblin

Poet Barbara Crooker

Poet Barbara Crooker collaborated with visual artist Claire Giblin—and 22 others—to produce works for The Handprint Identity Project: An Exchange Between Artists and Poets. Organized by sculptor Milt Friedly, the project was first exhibited in fall 2008 at Elizabethtown College in Elizabethtown, PA. More about the project here.

Says Crooker: “The work that Claire and I did was "back and forth" ekphrastic work.  She painted "Jade Mountain" after my poem "Climbing the Jade Mountain," and then I wrote "Mountain" based on her painting.

Jade Mountain, acrylic, ink, pigment on paper.
Collection of Roberta McClintock, NY, NY

(filling out my son’s SSI forms)

The Chinese poets tell us
that to start an impossible journey
you must begin with small steps,
one foot in front of the other,
on the rock-hard road.  There are
no maps.  The mountain gleams
in the afternoon sun.  The load grows
increasingly heavy.  We
are tired, we are thirsty,
and we want to know
how many dusty miles remain?
The mountain is silent.
All the guidebooks are written
in an ancient language
we don’t understand.
When night overtakes us,
we lie down in a dry
Artist Claire Giblin of Millersville, PA. 
More at http://www.giblinart.com
river bed, with a stone
for a pillow.  Morning
draws her curtains.
We begin again.

After "The Jade Mountain" by Claire Giblin
For Adrianne Marcus

August, and the sun's burners are set on high,
cicadas shrieking at noon. My friend is leaving
this floating life, cancer’s dragon claws deep
in her belly.  The cold mountain lies ahead,
but there are no maps or books to guide her.
We’re all walking the same jade highway.

Barbara Crooker’s poetry collections are Radiance, winner of the Word Press First Book Award and finalist for the Paterson Poetry Prize; Line Dance, winner of the Paterson Award for Literary Excellence; More; and Gold.  More at www.barbaracrooker.com.

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  1. A beautiful example of the sister arts speaking to and through each other.