Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Breasts and More Breasts: Poem by Camille Guthrie

Born in Seattle and raised in Pittsburgh, poet Camille Guthrie earned a BA at Vassar College and an MFA at Brown University. She is the author of the poetry collections The Master Thief (2000) and In Captivity (2006, and has taught at New York University and Bennington College. 

 Mamelles by Louise Bourgeois, 1991

Mamelles (From Articulated Lair: Poems for Louise Bourgeois)

A stretched frieze

poured hill to hill
Louise Bourgeois in Her Paris Studio, 1946
to a milked horizon

The fetish rubs close
is graspable, laps 
at the taffy-pulling rack

She acquiesces to divine rights

This poultice will heave
many handled
rose-sucking waves

for a garish thirst

Erosion in evidence

Post-partum depression

Dismembering nestler

to a precipice

painters and poets

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