Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Worlds of Poet Deborah Keenan and Painter Susan Solomon

Deborah Keenan is the author of nine collections of poetry. Her latest from broadcraft press, From Tiger to Prayer, is a book of writing ideas. She's a professor at Hamline University in the Creative Writing Programs and lives in beautiful, mysterious St. Paul. 
Susan Solomon is a freelance poem-painting artist living in the Twin Cities. She is the cartoonist and editor of Sleet Magazine, an online literary journal.

The following poem-painting is from their collaborative chapbook so she had the world, published by Red Bird Chapbooks. It includes 12 poems by Keenan and 12 paintings by Solomon inspired by those poems. Purchase a copy of their chapbook here.

The World As We Know It
by Deborah Keenan

She had the world
The river and the world
Part of the world
A small part of the world

And the river
A small part of the world
And the bend in the river
And the children’s voices
From faraway she had the world
And the road that led to the world
And the memory of the river
And the memory of the whole
World and then the memory
Of part of the world and
The small part of that world
And the bend in the river
The river which sometimes
Dried up
A drought settled
Into her part of the world
But then she had the memory
Of the drought
To go with
The world
The river
The bend in the river
The children’s voices
And the road
That led
To the world
Where the drought
Was real and just
Memory too
So she had the world.


  1. Thank you! It was such a joy to work on this book, from start to finish. (Susan)